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VX Commodore printed workshop manual

The Holden Commodore, Berlina and Calais, plus Ute variety of full-size cars are the eleventh instalment of Holden Commodore, a model produced by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General engines. So whatis the brand-new utilizing the show II update? The leading anti-roll

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Get the Gregorys VT VX VY VZ repair manual click here Holden Commodore VT to VZ II 1997 - 2006 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual Covers: * Commodore Sedan Wagon Utility * Series VT VT II VX VX II VY VY II VZ and VZ II. Engines Covered: * 3.6 litre (3565 cc) "Alloytec" V6 * 3.8 litre (3791 cc) "Ecotec" V6 (including supercharged) * 5.0 litre (4987 cc) V8 * 5.7 litre (5710 cc) "Gen III" V8 * 6.0 litre (5967 cc) "Gen IV" V8 Does NOT cover information on LPG models. Manual Transmissions: * Getrag 260 (for 3.8 litre V6) * Getrag 290 (for 5.0 litre V8) * Aisin D173 AY6 (for 3.6 litre V6) * Tremec T56 (for 5.7 litre and 6.0 litre V8) Automatic Transmissions: * 4L60-E (for VT to VY models V6 V8 and 175kW VZ V6) * 4L65-E (for VZ V8 models) * 5L40-E (for 190 kW VZ V6 models) NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions. Inside this manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and wiring diagrams. Haynes repair manuals can save you related info

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Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ Series 1997 - 2006 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers the V6 and V8 versions of the Commodore VT VT II VX VX II VZ and VZ II models produced from 1997 to 2006 (sedans) and 2007 (wagon and utility).Engines Covered:* 3.6 litre (3565 cc) V6 "Alloytec" V6 (VZ models)* 3.8 litre (3791 cc) V6 "Ecotec" (VT to VY Series II models)* 3.8 litre (3791 cc) supercharged "Ecotec" V6 (VT to VY II Series models)* 5.0 litre (4987 cc) V8 (VT Series I models)* 5.7 litre (5667 cc) "Gen III" V8 (VT Series II - VZ Series I models)* 6.0 litre (5967 cc) "Gen IV" V8 (VZ Series II models)Includes some information on the 4L60-E auto and Getrag 260/290 manual gearbox.Please note there is no specific information for the Statesman and Caprice models although they are basically long wheelbase versions of the Commodore.Contents:* Tune-Up and Routine Maintenance* 3.8 litre V6 Ecotech Engine* 3.6 litre V6 Alloytec Engine* 5.0 litre V8 Engine* 5.7 litre Gen III and 6.0 litre Gen IV V8 Engine* General Engine Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel and Exhaust Systems* Engine Electrical Systems* Emissions and link here

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manual covers the complete Holden Commodore range including the Monaro Utility (VU VY) Station Wagon and Statesman models (WH WK series) and also the Pontiac GTO and the Acclaim. Engines: 3.8 L V6 normally aspirated or supercharged 5.0 L V8 as used in VT Series I models 5.7 L V8 "Gen III" LS1 as used from VT Series II models onwards. Transmissions: Hydra-matic 4L60-E 4 speed automatic (all engines) Getrag 260 5 speed manual (for V6 engine "M34" option code) Getrag 290 5 speed manual (for V8 engine "M35" option code) Tremec T56 6 speed manual (for Gen III V8 engine "MM6" option code) Contents: General Information Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance Emission System V6 Engine Maintenance and Rebuild Holden - V8 - VT Series 1 Engine Maintenance and Rebuild 5.7 Litre V8 "Gen 3" Engine Maintenance and Rebuild Supercharger V6 Starter System Alternator System Cooling System Ignition Restraint Systems (SRS) Body Electrical Fault Diagnosis PCM and Trouble Shooting Information Wiring Schematics link here

The Holden Commodore, Berlina and Calais, plus Ute variety of full-size cars are the eleventh instalment of Holden Commodore, a model produced by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General engines. Created between October 2000 and September 2002, the VX supported as small change towards VT show from 1997 and premiered modified styling, greater design differentiation, along side gains in crash protection. An intermediate Series II premiered in August 2001, featuring a revised suspension system among other changes.

So whatis the brand-new utilizing the show II update? Firstly, there have been numerous suspension revisions. The semi-trailing supply rear suspension is built with an extra connect either part. This controls back 'toe', which utilizing the earlier design varied during suspension system movement. The connection of this website link is claimed by Holden to deliver enhanced straightline and turn-in precision. And even though the additional suspension link has-been commonly discussed, with this model there's also a host of more suspension system modifications.

The leading anti-roll club has-been enhanced in diameter 1mm, with the straight back bar thinned by a substantial 3mm. Dampers are also altered to present even more trip comfort over tiny undulations. Finally, purpose-developed Bridgestones become said to offer much better steering experience.

Inside the car the horrible older steering column stalks were given the movie, changed with much better designs. Put into which are a number of inside and exterior styling adjustment and some other lesser alterations in alternatives and standard properties.

But let us begin with the suspension changes - are they effective? Well, whenever coupled with the fact the Berlina is complete as standard with traction controls, it is a much less dangerous automobile compared to VT Berlina that we tested a couple of years ago. Of this automobile we said, "fairly thinner and high 205/65 tyres, a slick damp bitumen surface, ham-footed throttle utilize then one unanticipated cropping up - a-sharp hump mid-way through a corner, for instance - in addition to VT can believe a missile-like life of unique as the backside tries to break through the front side. That is a worse-case handling scenario - but on genuine roads along with genuine motorists they do occur!" But despite having the extra rearwards size of test truck, it is extremely tough to get the VX Series II to respond inside dangerous manner.

This is actually the circumstances because firstly, the suspension system changes work. Able to be felt particularly plainly on rough secondary roadways, the damping and much better poise for the back suspension keeps the vehicle monitoring undoubtedly in accordance with reassuring security. But there is however another reason that you are much les prone to spear from the roadway backwards - should the driver prod way too hard regarding throttle while negotiating a taut corner, the back-overtakes-front behavior associated with old Commodore is totally neutralised by the exemplary grip control program.

And that is not to imply that a motorist thinking about sporty handling was let down. But not discussed when you look at the Holden press suggestions, the grip controls on this car sensed far more refined and progressive that that suited to past full-size Holdens. So, unlike the earlier vehicles designed with the anti-wheelspin program, the tail can still be relocated about somewhat under energy - but never to an excessive amount. If you'd like, the device can be switched off, but their standard process will fit 99 % of people.

Understeer can occur in the event that turn-in rate is too higher, however in basic the Commodore try relaxed, stable and skilled. In reality, point-to-point over bad roadways, the VX show II are deceptively fast. Trip benefits normally rather good, using impact harshness of smaller, sharp bumps significantly reduced over earlier models. In addition a little diverse from we keep in mind may be the steering - it offers a great body weight and it is slightly slowly around centre as compared to old products. Not as sluggish as a Magna, but not rather the slightly neurological system of old.

In fact we discovered that the even worse the roads became, the higher the suspension for the Commodore experienced.

The ride and dealing with could be a great information facts, but to obtain the same tale taking place in bonnet, buyers will probably want to wait for merchandise of Holden's latest motor plant in the future online. The pushrod 3.8-litre V6 continues to be harsh and coarse at higher rpm. Within earlier test for the VT we proposed that "above 4000 rpm the engine starts to seem unpleasantly threshy", but these times using the existing VX, we'd lower that to 3500 and even 3000 rpm.

Maybe not considering that the system offers worse, but because other machines 've got better.

But it is simple in order to avoid large revs - tooling around, auto trans slurring through their ratios, and never going over 2000 rpm. Driven like this, the automobile is very economical - we averaged 12 litres/100 kilometer on test, including a combination of high nation roadway climbs, freeway and metropolitan work. Regardless of the AS2877 federal government test numbers of 13 and 7.6 litres/100 kilometer, twelve is probably a typical 'real globe' figure.

The motor develops 152kW at 5200 rpm and 305Nm at 3600 rpm, but their bottom-end grunt is even more than these numbers recommend. In regular utilize, the vehicle always feels effective and stronger, while the aural accompaniment of a country-road overtaking move is a bit of a downer, that is among trade-offs for getting plenty automobile for such little funds.

For a RRP of $43,080 is really very cheap for a car or truck with a really well known resale, abdominal muscles, traction control, four airbags, good journey computer system, environment, electrics, skilled single CD radio, alloys, and such a lot of inside room.

As well as the interior room in fact is exemplary. Sure, this can be a car provided that yesterday's full-size limousine, but it's furthermore a design with close area utilisation within those exterior dimensions. Headroom both in the front and back seating are huge, and there's a massive level of knee- and foot-room in most seats. The trunk chairs fold down on a 60/40 split, securing into area in a totally horizontal place and thus offering a very lengthy and wide load location. Importantly, a corner seats fold without the need for modification or removal of their head restraints. An extendable cargo blind are stretched within the rear burden storage space; whenever needed this can be easily removed.

The vehicle furthermore feels quite nicely built - with a few exceptions. Internal trim high quality is in general a lot better than an equivalent rival Falcon, but the address of this rear jack storage space try thin and also the jack rattled within test car, and a panel underneath the steering column is terribly created, offering a space to your closest piece of trim that diverse from nought up to about 5mm broad!

The seating were comfortable and supportive, although one of our motorists complained that even the cheapest place is however too much. The tyre is comfortable as well as a great dimensions, whilst controls are all easily accessible and make use of. The car trans selector, but are somewhat uncomfortable. Moreover it lets you choose only either 'D' or '3' without pressing the lock-out - we much choose the Falcon program in which fourth, third and 2nd gears could all be effortlessly picked during regular driving.

Discussing your competitors, the Commodore isn't as peaceful as the Falcon and Magna competition, with system sounds invasive at large revs and the cabin creating a reduced regularity resonant growth. At higher speed the lifeless roar regarding the aerodynamic aftermath can be plainly heard from the backside of the vehicle.

But total we were most impressed because of the Berlina truck - in reality more so than with some other present Holden that individuals has driven since the 5.7-litre VT SS.

The Commodore VX show II truck try a vehicle that dynamically are safe and secure, with close gasoline economic climate for the results and size, excellent internal space and - of course - a components and provider help most likely first rate in Australia.

Visually, the outside properties a revised headlamp design within the preceding VT among more adjustment. These generally include the end lamp panel today replaced by two split specific light assemblies. The Berlina and Calais sedans nonetheless retain the full-width boot-lid panel incorporating the tail lamps and also the enrollment plate.

Security played a considerable role in the growth of the VX model. Bosch version 5.3 anti-lock brakes were made standard on all variants, a primary for an Australian manufactured vehicle; and grip controls had been made available on motors loaded with manual transmission. Extensive studies was undertaken to lessen the results from a side-impact collision through adjustment of the B-pillars. The danger introduced by a side-impact collision in a VX fitted without part airbags was decreased by 50 % when comparing to a similarly specified VT design.
System and mechanicals

The VX series introduced more mechanical improvements into 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 motor, which obtained modifications towards the engine administration computer to create power up to 152 kilowatts. Gas economy was also enhanced on the earlier design by 3 to 4 %. The recommended Supercharged Ecotec V6 stretched their services on Executive and recognition variants, using the 171-kilowatt production figure leftover unchanged through the VT. Plus the supercharged six-cylinder, a far more powerful 5.7-litre Chevrolet-sourced Gen III V8 motor had been provided. The powerplant received energy improves from 220 to 225 kilowatts.

a customized front suspension system setup gotten lower control supply pivot points. The Series II change showcased the extension of an innovative new rear cross user, modified rear control arm assemblies with new design bushing and toe-control hyperlinks towards the semi-trailing supply rear suspension to better maintain the toe configurations during suspension motions, resulting in more foreseeable automobile control, visibly over irregular areas, and improved tyre use.

Conspicuity for back of a car was supplied by rear place lights. They're needed to emit best red-light and also to become wired such that these are typically lit anytime the leading position lights were illuminated, including once the headlamps take. Back place lights might combined with car's avoid lamps or split from their website. In combined-function installations, the lights build brighter red light the avoid lamp work and dimmer red-light for rear place lamp features. Laws worldwide stipulate lowest intensity ratios involving the bright and dim modes, in order that an automobile showing back place lamps will never be erroneously translated as showing end lights, and vice versa.
Introduced in 1995, the Series II is very yet another engine. Although the swing the 3.8 L system stayed at 3.4 in, additionally the bore stayed at 3.8 in, the system buildings is greatly altered. The deck level are shorter compared to show we, decreasing body weight and complete motor package dimensions. This necessary that the piston connecting rods feel shortened 1 in, additionally the crankshaft was also redesigned. A brand new intake manifold enhanced respiration while a redesigned cylinder mind showcased larger valves and an increased compression ratio. The end result is 205 hp and 230 lb·ft, much better gas economic climate, and 26 pound lighter total fat). This 3800 weighs just 22 lb a lot more than the all-aluminum extreme Feature V6 that currently dominates GM's six-cylinder programs, despite being an all cast-iron design.

The brand new consumption manifold greatly improved airflow. To generally meet emissions criteria, an EGR pipe ended up being positioned in the intake manifold to cut back burning temperature. The 3800 show II was regarding the Ward's 10 better machines record for 1995 through 1997.

GM remembered 1.5 million automobiles with this motor on April 14, 2009 due to danger of fire from engine oil dripping in valve address gaskets onto hot fatigue manifolds. The fire could spreading into the nearby plastic spark plug cable retainers from the device cover then into the remaining engine area. GM fitted the affected cars with redesigned spark-plug wire retainers. These machines had been noted for having problems using synthetic upper intake manifold breaking round the EGR passageway. The engine would after that hydrolock. The low consumption gaskets and higher intake manifolds were revised, correcting these dilemmas.
The VX sets introduced more mechanical improvements towards 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 engine, which obtained modifications to your engine administration computer system to create power up to 152 kilowatts. Gasoline economic climate was also enhanced within the earlier design by 3 to 4 %. The optional Supercharged Ecotec V6 extended their provider into exec and recognition variants, aided by the 171-kilowatt result figure leftover unchanged from VT. Along with the supercharged six-cylinder, a far more powerful 5.7-litre Chevrolet-sourced Gen III V8 engine had been offered. The powerplant gotten power increases from 220 to 225 kilowatts.

a customized front suspension setup got lower control supply pivot guidelines. The show II change featured the inclusion of a unique rear mix associate, modified rear control arm assemblies with new style bushing and toe-control hyperlinks to the semi-trailing arm rear suspension system to raised keep up with the toe setup during suspension system movements, causing additional foreseeable vehicles maneuvering, visibly over irregular areas, and enhanced tyre wear.
Exports of VX were meant to the center East given that Chevrolet Lumina from 2000 depending on the earlier VT show. Trim levels were the Lumina LS sedan and wagon, Lumina LTZ sedan, and Lumina SS sedan.

General engines do Brasil brought in the VX once the Chevrolet Omega from 2001 to replace the VT-based Omega. This upgrade was established 18 might 2001. The Brazilian model marketed as a single-specification CD model, based on the Holden Calais. VX Omega marketing concluded in 2003 when changed because of the VY-based design, since established on 28 April 2003. The Omega, while in line with the Calais requirements, featured the boot top from the most basic design VXs without the end lights expanding in to the boot top.
Alloy wheels become wheels which can be produced from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium. Alloys is mixtures of a metal also elements. They generally incorporate better power over pure metals, that are generally more supple and more ductile. Alloys of aluminum or magnesium are usually lighter for the same strength, create better temperature conduction, and sometimes create enhanced aesthetic look over metal rims. Although metal can also be an alloy, consisting of metal and carbon, it will be the common material found in wheel production. The term "alloy wheel" is generally set aside for tires made of nonferrous alloys.

The first light-alloy rims were made from magnesium alloys. Although they shed prefer for typical motors, they remained well-known through sixties, albeit in not a lot of numbers. In middle to belated sixties, aluminum-casting refinement permitted the manufacture of rims that have been safer. Until this time, many aluminum tires endured reasonable ductility, typically ranging from 2-3per cent elongation. This meant these prior aluminum-alloy tires are rather brittle. Because light-alloy rims at that time which were usually made from magnesium, these very early wheel failures are later attributed to magnesium's reasonable ductility, whenever in most cases these rims are badly throw aluminum alloy rims. Once these aluminum casting improvements had been considerably widely followed, the aluminum wheel took the spot of magnesium as low-cost, superior wheels for motorsports.
Ahead of the VU, Holden have promoted their Commodore-based energy brands under the Holden Utility and Holden Commodore energy brands, even though the term “Holden Ute” has also been utilized in their particular official marketing and advertising literary works. The VU Ute's successor is allocated the exact same model signal because the sedan it's according to.

The VU changed the versus Utility. The VU's arrival had been 36 months following the VT Commodore sedan, meaning they found its way to time for introduction associated with the VX Commodore. The VU utilises the same wheelbase because the VT Commodore place truck and WH Statesman/Caprice, indicating a wheelbase increase of 116 mm. The Ute employs similar inside given that Commodore, whilst picking right up the VX's upgraded products lists and re-styled exterior build.

Base : accumulated through the Commodore exec's specification. Available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6 - 4sp auto, 5sp manual or 5.7-litre 225 kW Generation 3 V8 - 6sp guide or 4sp auto
S : centered on Commodore 'S' specification. Readily available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6 - 4sp car, 5sp handbook rate.
SS : considering Commodore SS specification, minus side-impact airbags. Readily available with a 5.7-litre 225 kW Generation 3 V8 - 6sp handbook or 4sp auto

The product range got a minor refresh because of the VX show 2 products 12 months later, because of the big upgrade being an extra 5 kW to Holden's Generation 3 V8's.

The VU was superseded by the VY ute in September 2002.
Special editions

In October 2001 a unique version "SS Fifty" design was released to mark the 50th anniversary of introduction of very first “Holden Ute”, the Holden 50-2106 Coupe energy. This design was limited by 500 models and were designed to become an enthusiast's item; every SS 50 ended up being identical regarding color schemes, all 500 models had been released with a black exterior and a partial fabric internal that contained a great amount of "hyper yellowish" accents.

Various other items which made the SS 50 different had been the chrome recreations bar regarding the straight back, unique black-and-yellow engine address, a leather-wrapped tyre, handbrake cover and gear knob in addition to a color-coded tool cluster to suit the leather bolsters regarding the recreations chairs.
The 2000 VX Series brought a renovation with additional angular styling with a distinctive 'egg-crate' grille even though the VX Series II added toe-control links towards the IRS, including Microdot tech to deter thieves. Most of the main adjustment into the VX Senator are typically exterior changes, with visual styling is once again created by former Tom Walkinshaw Racing fashion designer Ian Callum. These changes included a chrome grille accent, crossed hatch lower grille, roof spoiler and a discreet boot installed spoiler. Energy increasing by 5 kW for the now 255 kW LS1 V8. The VX Senator had been partially on the basis of the Holden Calais during the time. Electronic grip controls appear as a regular solution. Some functions that are included with the $72,881 Senator consist of 10-stacker CD athlete, two subwoofers with reasonably limited sound system, four airbags, automatic climate controls, cruise controls, power mirrors and microsoft windows.

The very first time the Senator line-up properties rear parking detectors which beep when near an item while reversing. An optional satellite navigation system and sunroof are readily available. The four speeds automated transmission is retained as well as for brakes there are two main front ventilated discs and standard non-ventilated disks during the back. Some of the measurements tend to be the following: size is 4,964 mm, circumference 1,842 mm, height 1,450 mm and also the wheelbase dimension was 2,788 mm. The Senator weighs 1,710 kg and makes use of 18.1/100 km of gasoline through town, the gasoline tank capacity are 75 litres. Again the self-leveling rear suspension system featured and area of the entertainment bundle a 6 stacker CD player and 8-speaker sound system ended up being added. ABS and grip control is added for extra security. Throughout the cabin there is leather-based trim and dark timber grain from the dash board. Some extra options that have been additionally offered at extra expense ended up being the premium brake system, Satellite navigation, leather-pewter and an upgraded activity speakers.
Senator 300

This vehicle was released in 2001 because of the VX, continuing on to the Y show. Some properties that come standard were 10 stacker CD system, 8 ways energy controls when it comes to front side seats, woodgrain tools, electric windows, automatic environment control, ABS and front side and side airbags. This high quality model are priced at $98,850. The Senator 300 is provided toward people at the Melbourne intercontinental engine show. Only 33 cars were built and 7 associated with the 33 created are to take purchase in New Zealand. The system are a Callaway tuned V8 that creates 300 kW of power and it is just available with a 6-speed handbook gearbox. abdominal muscles and a cross-drilled premium brake system are fitted inside 10 spoke 18” chrome shadow tires. 0–100 km/h takes only 6.1 seconds and that can attain 400 m under 14.7 seconds.

The V system try a rear-wheel drive car system that underpinned different General engines automobiles from 1966 right through to their final discontinuation in 2007. The V system was created in the sixties by the German subsidiary of GM, Opel, but had not been without significant modification over its life. The working platform's phase-out started whenever European production finished during 2003, although the Australian alternatives, generated by Holden proceeded until 2007, after their particular best substitution by Zeta-derived versions. Initial of these Zeta vehicles arrived in 2006, aided by the leftover switching more than in 2007. V-cars were identified by the "V" fourth character in their Vehicle Identification amounts. Although completely not related, the "V platform" designation was also used for a few united states front-wheel drive private luxury coupes).
The Holden Commodore, Berlina, Calais, and Ute are some vehicles produced by Holden in Australian Continent between September 2002 and August 2004. The VY Commodore, which was the twelfth Holden Commodore series, is the successor on VX Commodore. A VY show II was released in August 2003 which made method for the up-to-date VZ Commodore range in August 2004.

The VY Commodore ended up being obtainable in several designs. They are the Commodore manager, recognition, S, SV8 and SS in addition to Berlina and Calais systems of perhaps not badged as Commodores. All the products inside VY range are provided as sedans while the Executive, Acclaim and Berlina are also offered as wagons. Abnormally, the VY in addition introduced a restricted edition SS wagon featuring the exact same 235 kW for show II) V8, bodykit and recreations suspension system whilst the SS sedan. But had been loaded with 17-inch alloy rims as opposed to the 18 inches wheels on sedan. 500 these types of wagons were produced for Series I and 350 for Series II.

The VY had been the very last Commodore to utilize the 3.8 litre ECOTEC V6 machines.

Selling for the VY Commodore did not match those regarding the prior VT design.

Commodore SS
Holden Commodore SS

The SS is the flagship activities type of the VY range. Pricing when it comes to SS began from A$49,490.

The SS qualities included:

5.7 L 235 kW V8 extreme result V8 in Series II)
6-speed guide transmission
Single in-dash CD athlete
Anti-lock stopping program
Brake aid
Cruise controls
Motorist's and passenger's airbags
FE2 recreations suspension
Front and back energy house windows
Independent rear suspension system
Restricted slide differential
Power antenna
Security system
Part impact airbags
Traction controls system
Travel computers
17 inches alloy wheels

Holden Berlina

The Berlina could be the semi-luxury form of the VY number; they sits over the recognition and underneath the Calais. Prices for Berlina begins from A$40,850.

The Berlina functions included:

3.8 L 152 kW ECOTEC V6 LS1 V8)
4-speed automatic transmission
6-disc in-dash CD athlete
Anti-lock stopping system
Brake aid
Climate control air-con
Cruise control
Driver's and passenger's airbags
Forward and back energy windows
Separate back suspension
Power antenna
Security system
Part impact airbags
Grip controls system
Trip computer
16 inches alloy wheels

Color number
Holden Calais sedan

The Calais could be the top of the line luxury design inside VY range; they sits over the Berlina and combines luxury with results. Pricing the Calais starts form A$48,250.

The Calais qualities included:

3.8 L 171 kW Supercharged ECOTEC V6 ECOTEC V6 or 225 kW LS1 V8 after that 235 kW LS1 V8 in Series II)
4-speed automatic transmission
6-disc in-dash CD player
Anti-lock braking system
Brake assist
Climate controls ac
Cruise controls
Driver's and traveler's airbags
Forward and rear power house windows
Independent back suspension
Baggage internet
Power antenna
Rear playground assist
Security system
Part effects airbags
Grip control program
Travel computer system
16 inch alloy wheels

After hook change to the HSV show naming strategy, the Y Series Senators, in line with the VY Commodore debuted in 2003. The Y-series naming means caused confusion with most people nevertheless phoning it the VY. Featuring even more angular and intense styling, the Y series provided both an entry-level grand tourer Senator and large deluxe Senator trademark brands. Both emerged standard with a revised Luxury suspension tune, rear parking sensors and 260 kW LS1 motor. In addition to the qualities located on the Senator, the Senator Signature came with larger 19 inch alloy wheelsch tires), different seats and bigger front brake system. The Y show II improve upgraded capacity to 285 kW.

A number of the properties that were launched on the Y-series Senator feature oil and battery gauges regarding the centre bunch, shale fabric trim interior trim as well as white backing for the tools. A leather tyre was put into improve grip and feeling whenever turning and much more memory choices for the front electric seats to appeal to different people. HSV redesigned leading seats as a result of complaints from the users they were also uncomfortable.

Standard services consist of a CD stacker, energy mirrors and windows, cruise control, climate control, engine immobilizer and remote main locking. A rear DVD athlete and mind devices had been added. Front side and part airbags were standard throughout the whole number. Two extra safety properties were added: an electric tyre force keeping track of system and high-intensity release driving lights. Again the completely independent multi-link rear suspension system is standard in the Senator. GPS or Satellite navigation together with sunroof aren't standard with this model but they are offered at extra cost.

The motor was a 5.7 litre LS1 V8 pressing out 260 kW at 5600 rpm and 475 N·m of torque. New badging featured in the Senator review "260" reflecting the enhanced energy output. The braking system plus some of this motor air conditioning ports on the front side bumper become somewhat hidden maintain their deluxe really current while watching the vehicle. Mesh cloth is located at the front end environment dams. A number of the side dresses forward and rear environment dams in addition to reduced areas of the surface mirrors were coloured in a satin finish gray. The rest is completed within the body colour. The famous "Senator" title plates become featured on the side skirts, back at the base of the rear doors.

A few of the interior changes integrate alloy pedals, brand new colour, a re-designed four-spoke steering wheel with remote sound controls, white finish tool dials and minor gauges now in their own committed binnacle in the middle of the dash. The multi-function read-out happens to be re-programmed to show the HSV logo while the vehicle establish quantity and recognition during start-up. Automated weather controls and a Blaupunkt 6-disc CD stacker were standard and 8 speakers. Carbon-fibre trim is available through the entire cabin as well as light shale fabric trim. The beginning cost for Senator at the time ended up being $74000.

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The Holden Commodore is a medium to large sedan sold by Holden since 1978. It was manufactured from 1978 to 2017 in Australia and from 1979 to 1990 in New Zealand, with production in Australia ending on 20 October 2017. From 2018 the Holden Commodore is fully imported from Germany.

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The Holden Commodore (VX) is an executive car that was produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 2000 to 2002. It was the second iteration of the third generation of this Australian made model.Its range included the luxury variants, Holden Berlina (VX) and Holden Calais (VX), and it formed the basis for a new generation Holden Ute (VU) coupé utility and Holden Monaro (V2) coupé.

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VK Commodore. The updated styling for the VK lay somewhere between a minor styling change and a major re-shell. While the shell was made to appear larger with a third row of side windows, the front and rear themselves received only minor updates.