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Mitsubishi Express Starwagon workshop manual

The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968.In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010.The manufacturing of the Delica light commercial cab-over pickup

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● 2.0 litre (1997 cubic centimetre ) "4G63" 4 piston ● 2.4 litre (2350 cubic centimetre ) "4G64" 4 piston gearboxs described: ● KM135 5-speed guide (SF 4x2 model) ● KM147 5-speed guide (SF 4WD model) ● R5M21 5-speed guide (SG SH 4x2 model) ● V5M21 5-speed guide (SG SH 4WD model) ● AW372 4 geared automatic (SF models) ● R4AW2 4 geared automatic (SG SH models) Contents: ● General Information ● Technical Data ● Routine Maintenance ● Engine ● Emission Control ● Engine Electrical ● Cooling System ● Fuel plus Engine Management ● friction clutch ● Manual gearbox ● Automatic gearbox ● Front Axle plus Suspension ● Rear Axle plus Suspension ● Steering ● Brakes ● Body Electrical ● Body NOTE: Just repair change easy ● Steering ● Brakes ● Body Electrical ● Body NOTE: Just repair change easy upkeep jobs and reduction plus installation are described for the Automatic gearbox. Includes Black white pictures line drawings plus wiring diagrams. Covers everything you ought to recognize click the link

The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968. It was initially based about a little pickup truck introduced the past year, also known as the Delica, its name a contraction of the English code phrase Delivery auto. This truck, along with a commercial van produced from it has received various names inside export markets, being available because the L300 inside Europe plus New Zealand, Express plus Starwagon inside Australia, plus plain Mitsubishi Van plus Wagon inside the US. The passenger automobile versions were well-known as Delica Star Wagon from 1979 till the 1994 introduction of the Delica Space Gear, that became just Space Gear inside Europe at smallest. The latest adaptation is known as the Delica D:5.

In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010. Because 2011, the Delica D:2 name has been used with a rebadged Suzuki Solio.

The manufacturing of the Delica light commercial cab-over pickup started inside July 1968. It received the chassis code T100, inside line with all the newly introduced "T90" Canter. With a KE44 1,088 cc engine producing 58 PS, its maximum payload was 600 kg plus had a top end speed of 115 km/h. A year later, inside line with customer requirements, a cargo van along with a passenger van were put into the line-up. The passenger van, discontinued inside 1976, was called the 'Delica Coach' plus may seat 9 persons inside 3 rows of seats. The engine was later upgraded with 62 PS.
1975–1979 Colt T120, Indonesia

In March 1971 a somewhat facelifted variation, called the Delica 75, arrived. This received a tiny grille instead of the nude metal front of the earliest Delicas, along with a fresh 1.4-liter Neptune engine rated at 64 kilowatts was put into the line-up. The small 1.1-liter engine might have stayed obtainable in a 600 kilograms adaptation of the truck however shortly vanished completely.

After a fall 1974 facelift, the Delica received a fresh nose with many plastic cladding plus double headlights, today installed under the swage line. It was today recognized just because the "Delica 1400", because this was truly the only engine with that it was accessible. A longer wheelbase 1-ton truck was added inside 1976.

In export markets, this vehicle was occasionally called just the Colt T100 / T120. Record, a Greek producer of agricultural cars, plagiarized the Delica T120 shape for their fibreglass-bodied "GS2000" truck.

The Delica series was changed inside June 1979 by an all new shape, delivering total width about the maximum 1,690-millimetre dictated by Japanese laws for "compact" cars. Suspended at the front by an independent wishbone construction along with a leaf spring at the back, the Delica additionally qualities a sliding side door plus one-piece fuel strut tailgate. The line-up was extended with include 10 model variations surrounding a broad range of passenger, cargo plus recreational applications. A four-wheel drive way was created obtainable in 1982, a initially inside the Japanese van marketplace. Engines were all four-cylinders popular from MMC's passenger vehicles plus included the 1,439 cc, 80 PS Saturn plus 1.6-liter Saturn machines. A 1.8-liter Sirius adaptation producing 100 PS appeared inside May 1980, along with a 2.0-liter Sirius petrol variation became optional inside 4WD versions from November 1983. A 2.3-liter Astron diesel appeared inside October 1982 plus was changed by the bigger 2.5-liter Astron inside 1986.

The four-wheel drive adaptation of the Delica was initially introduced with the Japanese marketplace inside October 1982. This flexible car used the modified adaptation of the Mitsubishi Pajero's chassis, albeit normally with small motors. After the introduction of the 3rd generation Delica, the truck variation of the 2nd generation continued with be built till 1994.

Chrysler Australia introduced the SA series Delica with the Australian marketplace inside April 1980 below the name "Chrysler L300 Express". After acquiring control of the Chrysler Australia surgery inside the same month, Mitsubishi Motors renamed the fast Mitsubishi Motors Australia inside October 1980. This lead to the rebranding of the L300 Express because a Mitsubishi. Fitted with a 1.6-liter engine plus four-speed guide, both van plus wagon variants were available, with all the commercial adaptation accessible with or without side back windows. The utility adaptation wasn't available inside Australia, because the L200 Express covered which segment of the marketplace. In November 1981 the SB series was introduced, today fitted with radial ply wheels about heavier diameter wheels, therefore improving the payload ability from 925 with 1,000 kilograms. The following month, Mitsubishi introduced the high-roofed deluxe "Deluxe" trim, fitted with electrical sunroof plus fabric upholstery. The upcoming update with the SB series arrived inside October 1982, causing the "Deluxe" trim being renamed "Starwagon" plus gaining a bigger 1.8-liter engine—offered with a five-speed overdrive guide or optional three-speed automatic. The "Star Wagon" moniker was additionally selected about examples assembled by Todd Motors inside New Zealand, albeit with all the 65 PS 1.6-liter engine. Mitsubishi extended the accessibility of the 1.8-liter engine with the lower-specification variants, albeit inside automatic guise just. The 1.8 was furthermore obtainable in the extended wheelbase, significant rooftop, panel van variation.

From May 1983, the L300 Express received rectangular headlights inside chrome surrounds because element of the SC iteration. The SC equally showcased newly-designed black resin bumpers plus changes with the front suspension spring rate with better ride plus handling. The four-wheel drive adaptation, badged "4WD", came inside October 1983 because a 1.8-liter model with floor-mounted five-speed guide just, consequently becoming a seven-passenger model by losing the front-row center seat. After another facelift inside late 1984, the vehicle became the SD series, introducing greater equipment plus black headlight surrounds and a black trim part between your headlights about "Starwagon" plus "4WD" trims. The SD revision additionally upgraded the "4WD" with a 2.0-liter engine, with all the 1.8-liter standard matter inside a unique long-wheelbase commercial model. A final minor update, the SE series appeared inside 1986.


This generation has been yielded inside the Philippines because 1987 because the "Mitsubishi Versa Van" and the Cab/Chassis variant where surrounding coach builders assemble back bodies for passenger plus cargo hauling reasons. Variations like the FB, PET, WT plus DS have been produced with cater to people requirements. In 2010, an extended back body variant for the FB variant called the Exceed was added.

This generation remains inside creation inside Indonesia because the "Mitsubishi Colt L300", built with the 2.5-liter 4D56 diesel engine. A gasoline engine was moreover accessible for a brief period, however, due with shortage of need, was discontinued. Because 2010, Isuzu Indonesia have available this next generation Delica because the Isuzu Bison—available inside pickup plus minibus versions with an Isuzu Panther-sourced 4JA1L 2.5 litre diesel engine with 80 PS. The Bison fees a bit over a related L300.

In South Korea, Hyundai built the 2nd generation Delica because the "Hyundai Porter", substituting an earlier model with all the same name. South Korean creation of the Porter continued alongside the 3rd generation Delica, that was advertised by Hyundai because the "Grace". This Porter was changed by an indigenously developed 3rd generation Porter inside March 1996. F From 1997 with 2000, the vehicle was available by Mahindra & Mahindra inside India because the "Mahindra Voyager", however priced too excellent it was taken from creation following just a small over 2 years. The Voyager did meet with several achievement because an ambulance, nevertheless this organization just further prevented potential private purchasers.

In June 1986 the Delica underwent its 3rd full model change. More aerodynamic than past versions, its monocoque body plus extensive protection qualities proven popular inside Japan's fast-growing recreational car marketplace segment. The more rounded shape was called "soft cube" styling by Mitsubishi. Passenger versions continued with be available because Delica Star Wagons, that became simply plain "Starwagon" inside Australia. The commercial variation is known as the "Express" inside Australia. Two wheelbases have been available. In 1990, the Australian marketplace received the naturally aspirated diesel engine because an option; this was the initial Delica thus prepared because marketplace.
Face-lifted Delica Star Wagon

Although the next L400 Delica plus Delica Space Gear were introduced inside 1994, the L300 Delica nevertheless stayed inside creation inside 2007 for export markets. In Japan the commercial Delica range was changed with a badge-engineered Mazda Bongo below an OEM deal that started inside November 1999. But, because of 2011, the commercial adaptation of the 3rd generation Delica remains about sale inside Australia where it retains the "Mitsubishi Express" badge.

A big range of machines were accessible, from a 1.4-liter about a 2.4-liter petrol, and a 2.5-liter diesel plus turbodiesel. Rear- or four-wheel drive, many bodystyles plus 2 different wheelbases prepared for a especially extensive line-up. The four-wheel drive chassis was based about which of the modern Mitsubishi Pajero, though components are rarely interchangeable. Late general export marketplace versions received a carburetted 16-valve adaptation of the 2.0-liter 4G63 four-cylinder, with 116 hp at 6,000 rpm.

Released about May 12, 1994, the latest Delica received considerably more aerodynamic bodywork. No truck model was accessible of the generation, plus passenger models were today called Delica Space Gear inside the domestic Japanese marketplace. Body requirements of the Space Gear inside Japan ranged from XR, XG, Exceed, Super Exceed plus Royal Exceed, plus both lengthy plus short-wheelbase versions were accessible.

The 4th generation Delica is based found on the chassis of the Mitsubishi Pajero plus has full off road abilities, with four-wheel drive, significant plus low ratio gears plus differential locking. It has engine variations from 2.5 liters by with a 2.8-liter intercooled turbodiesel. A 2.4-liter along with a 3.0-liter V6 petrol or gasoline engine with 12 or 24 valves, every with 4 gears plus overdrive. Apart within the 2.8-liter diesel model they are accessible because a 2 or perhaps a 4 wheel drive adaptation.

In numerous export markets, the cargo versions of the 4th generation were called the Mitsubishi L400 whilst the passenger versions were called Mitsubishi Space Gear – without utilizing the Delica nameplate at all.

In Australia, where this generation was just accessible because a passenger variation, it retained the "Mitsubishi Starwagon" name plus was accessible between September 1994 plus 2003. These Australian models were created obtainable in 4 degrees of specification: GL, GLX, GLS plus 4WD. Mitsubishi fitted the GL with a 2.0-liter carburetored inline-four, with all the GLX gaining a fuel-injected 2.4-liter inline-four, as well as the GLS a 3.0-liter V6. Both four-cyliner motors were fitted standard with a five-speed guide transmission with optional four-speed column-shift automatic. The 3.0-liter GLS available a four-speed floor-mounted automatic because its sole transmission choice. The facelift model, introduced inside 1996 saw the range rationalised with just the base GL plus mid-range GLX models retained.

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Download Mitsubishi pdf. ... Keywords: manual Delica Mitsubishi workshop L repair download. ... Express and Starwagon in Australia, and simple Mitsubishi Van and Wagon in america. The traveler vehicles variations are generally Delica Star Wagon from 1979 until the 1994 introduction of the Delica Space Gear, which became simply area Gear in ...

Mitsubishi Express Van Workshop Service Repair Manual

Mitsubishi Express Van L400 Starwagon Full Service & Repair Manual Download PDF Complete Factory Service Repair Workshop Manual. No Extra fees, No Expiry dates. Service Repair Workshop Manual, available for instant download to your computer tablet or smart phone. This Professional Manual covers all repairs, servicing and troubleshooting procedures.


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Mitsubishi Express Starwagon workshop manual. The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968.In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010.The manufacturing of the Delica light commercial

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Mitsubishi Express Starwagon workshop manual

Workshop Manuals Mitsubishi Express Starwagon workshop manual. The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968.In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010.The manufacturing of the Delica light commercial cab-over pickup

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In 3 libraries. Mitsubishi SF series Express & Starwagon workshop manual -- Mitsubishi engine and transmission workshop manual. 1 v. (various pagings) : ill. Mitsubishi Starwagon van -- Maintenance and repair. Mitsubishi Express van -- Maintenance and repair.