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Land Rover Freelander workshop manual

The Land Rover Freelander was a tight athletics energy automobile made by the Brit maker Land Rover, both in two-wheel and four-wheel drive models from 1997-2014. It makes use of a monocoque structure, in accordance with almost all other crossovers in

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information to enable them to carry out Full Maintenance Service Repair Procedures.Contents: Introduction. General Specification Data. motor Tuning Data. Torque Wrench Settings. General Fitting Instructions. Recommended Lubricants. Fluids Maintenance. motors. motor Management Systems. Emmission Control. Fuel System including Fuel Injection. Cooling System. Manifold Exhaust. Clutch. Gearbox Transfer Box. Automatic Gearbox. Propellor Shafts. Front Rear Axle. Final Drive. Steering. Suspension. Brakes. Chassis Body. Heating Ventilation. Air Conditioning. Electrical Equipment.Originally Published By Rover Group in 1998 - 1999.This latest Edition first printed under licence from Land Rover in 2002.Part No. LRL 0144 ENG [5th Edition] Includes LRL 0157 LRL 0158 LRL 0159 Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed motors can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. click the link

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* Weekly checks * Routine maintenance and servicing * Engine in-car repair procedures * General engine removal and overhaul procedures * Cooling heating and ventilation systems * Fuel and Exhaust pipess * Emission control systems * Starting and charging systems * Pre-heating system * Clutch * Manual gearbox * Automatic gearbox * Transfer case * Driveshafts propeller shaft and final drive * Braking system * springs and shock absorbers and Rack and pinion * Bodywork and fittings * Body wirings * electrical schematics Haynes repair manuals can save you money on bills for repair and maintenance. progressive procedures and illustrations give you guidance for every task from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. more.....

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Turbo-four-stroke diesel: 2.0 litre (1951cc TD4 1994cc L-Series) Please Note: * DOES NOT cover models with 2.5 litre Vee Six petrol engine. * DOES NOT cover new 'Freelander 2' range introduced Nov 2006. Contents: * Living with Your Land Rover Freelander * Roadside Repairs * Weekly Checks * Lubricants Fluids * Tyre Pressures * Routine Maintenance Service * Petrol Engine In-Car Repair Procedures * four-stroke diesel Engine In-Car Repair Procedures * Engine Removal Overhaul Procedures * Cooling Heating Ventilation Systems * Fuel Exhaust pipess - Petrol Engine * Fuel Exhaust pipess - four-stroke diesel Engine * Emission Control Systems * Starting Charging Systems * Ignition System - Petrol Engine Models * Preheating System - four-stroke diesel Engine Models * friction clutch * Manual Transmission * Automatic Transmission * Intermediate Reduction Drive Unit * Driveshafts Propeller Shaft Final Drive * Braking System * Suspension Steering * vehicle body Fittings * Body wirings * Wiring Diagrams Haynes workshop and service manuals are money saving on maintenance and repair bills. progressive procedures and illustrations give you guidance for every task from basic more details.....


ONquot; features detailed engine data and work instructions for both petrol and diesel fuel systems for the model years 2001 to 2003 on. This book will help you with the maintenance service and repair of your vehicle.Covers: K Series 1.8 Litre Petrol Engines K Series two point five Litre petrol vee eight Engines 2.0 Litre Td4 Diesel Engines.Publication Number: LRL0350 and LRL0159. Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed engines can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. more.....

The Land Rover Freelander was a tight athletics energy automobile made by the Brit maker Land Rover, both in two-wheel and four-wheel drive models from 1997-2014. The next generation established in 2007 is sold since the LR2 in united states and as the Freelander 2 in Europe.

It makes use of a monocoque structure, in accordance with almost all other crossovers in its course, but unlike traditional SUVs designed with body-on-frame styles. The Freelander ended up being replaced by the breakthrough athletics in 2015.
Researching the market by the Rover Group into the late 1980s proposed that land-rover could enter the small SUV markets section. In the early 1990s, the Rover Group have a restricted item developing spending plan and looked for someone to develop the project, which was codenamed CB40. Rover's then-partner Honda declined and thought we would establish its CR-V design which was established in 1997.

Rover went it alone because of the CB40, utilizing current section and elements, as it had through with the MGF roadster. When BMW took over Rover team in 1994, the CB40 project gotten the capital they had a need to proceed. In December 1997, Autocar reported that early developing design and sketches for the Freelander featured Hyundai badging, suggesting that a tie up between both makers had been recommended. The look of this Freelander was by Gerry McGovern, who continued get to be the head of design at land-rover in 2007.

The Freelander was released in belated 1997. It became Europe's best-selling four-wheel drive model until 2002. The past Freelanders in united states were offered as 2005 systems.

The K-Series had been introduced in 1988 by Rover Group as a powerplant the Rover 200 automobile. It had been revolutionary becoming the 2nd volume production utilization of the lower stress sand casting method in an innovative new plant sited between East Works and Cofton Hacket. This works by pumping liquid aluminum into a chemically fused sand mould from below. This technique offered advantages in limiting the incident of oxide inclusions and giving a casting yield of around 90percent and K16. A later mind build furthermore incorporated a Rover-designed Variable Valve controls device. This let additional capacity to become developed without reducing low-speed torque and flexibility. The VVC system continuously alters the inlet cam period, causing a remarkably versatile drive—the torque curve of a VVC K-series system try practically level through the entire rev range and power climbs steadily without any fall-off whatsoever until the rev limiter kicks in at 7,200 rpm.

Following the failure of MG Rover in 2005, the Chinese automaker Nanjing car obtained the Longbridge plant, this included the intellectual belongings liberties to numerous styles, including those of K series engine. The Chinese holder, today SAIC engine, went on to further create the K series system, renaming they "N show" and deploying it to run its existing array of MG vehicles the MG 6. The changes included another type of design of cylinder head gasket, greater tensile energy through-bolts and a stronger oil-rail fitted in the bottom end of the system your through bolts screw into. These revisions can be purchased by the Brit organization XPart to resolve the difficulties that some K series motors had of cylinder mind gasket failure.
Engine management
K8 engine

Early K8 engines put a single SU KIF carburetter with a manual choke and a breaker-less distributor mounted on the termination of the camshaft. MEMS Single point injection became standard with the launch for the Rover 100 in 1994.

K16 brands put MEMS With a 1.6 ECU on 1990 to 1994 or a 1.9 ECU On 1995 onwards electric motor management in a choice of solitary aim or Multi aim types, with one coil regarding the straight back of this system block and a supplier limit and rotor supply on end associated with the inlet camshaft. MEMS 2J was used on the VVC motor, to regulate the adjustable device controls and also the distributorless ignition system, that has been needed because of creating camshaft drive devices at both stops associated with engine. With all the introduction associated with the Rover 25 and Rover 45 in 1999, MEMS 3 had been introduced, with twin coils and sequential injections.

Early KV6 as found in the Rover 800 utilized MEMS 2J, which influenced the 3 lost spark coil packages and variable intake manifold geometry. The later KV6 used Siemens EMS 2000.
Design range

All 1100 engines displace 1.1 L. Four variants were developed:

SOHC K8 8-valve, Carburettor, 60 hp
SOHC K8 8-valve, SPI, 60 hp
SOHC K8 8-valve, MPI, 60 hp
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 75 hp

Vehicles that was included with the 1100:

Rover Metro
Rover 100
Rover 200
Rover 25

1.4-litre DOHC K-Series motor in a MG ZR

System Rules: 14K2F, 14K4F, 14K16?

All 1400 motors displace 1.4 L. Six modifications are developed:

SOHC K8 8-valve, Carburettor, 75 hp
SOHC K8 8-valve, SPI, 75 hp
SOHC K8 8-valve, MPI, 75 hp
DOHC K16 16-valve, SPI, 90 hp
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 82 hp
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 103 hp

The K16 82 hp variant is exactly just like the 103 hp variation, besides a restrictive throttle human anatomy built to decrease the vehicle's insurance group; the 90 hp Spi features single-point fuel injection rather than the multi-point associated with the subsequent engine.

Cars that came with the 1400:

Rover Metro
Rover 100
Rover 200
Rover 25
Rover 400
Rover 45
Rover Streetwise
MG ZS - Ireland and Portugal just.
Caterham Seven
GTM Libra
FSO Polonez Caro/Atu


System Code: 16K4F

All 1600 engines displace 1.6 L. Two variants had been developed:

DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 109 hp
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 111 hp

Automobiles that was included with the 1600:

Rover 200
Rover 25
Rover Streetwise
Rover 400
Rover 45
Caterham Seven


Motor Codes: 18K4F, 18K4K

All 1800 machines displace 1.8 L. Six variants are produced:

DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 117 hp @5500rpm /[email protected]
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, 136 [email protected]/ [email protected]
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, VVC, 143 [email protected] / [email protected]
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, VVC, 158 [email protected] / [email protected]
DOHC K16 16-valve, MPI, turbocharged, 150 to 160 hp
DOHC K16 VHPD - quite high results by-product 16-valve, MPI, 177 hp or 192 hp, have larger valves, however with fixed cam timing - No development feedback ended up being asked for from Rover)

Vehicles that included the 1800:

Rover 200
Rover 25
Rover 45
Rover Streetwise
Rover 75
Ariel Atom1
Lotus Elise
Land Rover Freelander
Caterham Seven
GTM Libra

There were a variety of products, created around five-door estate and three-door softback, hardback, and commercial variations. In 2004, Land Rover launched an improved and enhanced type of the level We; modifications included a new interior and biggest external revisions, including a fresh face and back.

The three-door design had been obtainable in E, S, SE, recreation and Sport Premium trim and also the five-door design in available in age, S, SE, HSE, athletics and Sport Premium trim.

Motor alternatives include:

1.8 litre I4 Rover K-Series petrol, badged as '1.8i', 'Xi' or 'XEi'
2.0 litre I4 Rover L-series diesel, badged as 'Di', 'XDi' or 'XEDi'
2.0 litre I4 BMW M47 diesel, badged as 'TD4'
2.5 litre V6 Rover KV6 system petrol, badged as 'V6'

Manual gearboxes ruled early brands, but automated Tiptronic-style gearboxes became increasingly popular and had been standard on V6.

The initial generation Freelander ended up being used in the 1998 Camel Trophy and took part in land-rover's G4 Challenge. The automobile represented a compromise because it didn't have a low-range gear choice, nor a locking differential, as available on bigger Land Rover systems. This required that compared to various other Land Rovers, off-road performance had not been nearly as good. In comparison to comparable versions generated by other manufacturers in identical time period like Honda CRV or perhaps the Toyota RAV4, however, the very first generation Freelander ended up being a lot more competent off-road. They have significantly more than sixteen patented services, including the IRD or Intermediate decrease Drive, which acted as a front differential and fixed proportion transfer; the VCU or viscous-coupling, which responds towards the varying rotational speed regarding the prop shafts, allowing differing torque across itself; and the Hill Descent controls program which was then implemented within the remaining portion of the land-rover range as well as in the 1st generation BMW X5.. This first generation additionally made use of a Traction Control program and a particular type of abdominal muscles from Wabco and customized to aid operating in off-road situations.

Lack of the MG Rover K18 and KV6 machines following the end associated with the MG Rover manufacturing led land-rover to discontinue the model on 31 August 2005 in the U.S. and Canada.
Freelander 2
Freelander 2
2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 wagon 01.jpg
2011 Land-rover Freelander 2 TD4
Also referred to as Land-rover LR2
Land-rover Freelander 2
Production 2006 – December 2014
Construction Halewood System & Assembly, Halewood, Great Britain
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Changsu, China
Aqaba System Plant, Jordan
Human body and chassis
Human anatomy style 5-door SUV
System Ford EUCD system
Relevant Volvo XC60
Volvo S80
Jaguar X-Type
Ford Mondeo
Number Rover Evoque
System Petrol machines:
2.0 L Ford EcoBoost 243 PS I4
3.2 L Ford SI6 233 PS I6
Diesel engines:
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 150 PS eD4
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 160 PS TD4
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 190 PS SD4
Transmission 6-speed Getrag M66EH50 manual
6-speed Aisin AWF21 automatic
Wheelbase 104.7 in
Length 177.2 in
Width 75.2 in
Height 68.5 in
Kerb pounds 3,902–4,300 lb

The second generation known as the Freelander 2 premiered at the 2006 British worldwide engine program. Whilst new model retained the Freelander title in European countries, it had been sold as LR2 in the united states. A presentation within Kensington roofing landscapes was held for journalists featuring celebrity tennis player Maria Sharapova. Production stopped after 2014.
2008 Land Rover LR2
2007–2010 Land-rover Freelander 2 HSE TD4
2013 Land-rover Freelander 2 TD4

The second generation Freelander is based on the Ford EUCD system, which itself is based on the Ford C1 platform. The Ford EUCD system will undoubtedly be used by more upcoming cars from Volvo. The engine number try all-new for Freelander, featuring transversely-mounted 3.2-litre straight-six system of Ford SI6 series, which premiered within the brand-new Volvo S80, along with the 2.2-litre DW12 common railway turbodiesel motor, co-developed by Ford and PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Unlike earlier Land Rovers, this vehicles are manufactured in the Halewood system & set up facility, near Liverpool, and had been until 2009 manufactured alongside the Jaguar X-Type. The new Freelander services higher ground approval and off-road effectiveness which are closer to more land-rover designs. It's enhanced high quality inside with more safety qualities as standard. The Freelander 2 features a modified version of the landscapes responses off-road operating system as fitted to the breakthrough 3 and number Rover. The 4WD program was developed together with Haldex and was known as 3rd generation coupling. Motors through the 2009 design 12 months tend to be installed with a modified design of this active on-demand coupling, known as Haldex's 4th generation.

This new Freelander was initially marketed within the U.S. in 2007 since the LR2. The 2008 version is called the LR2 HSE. The minimal run HST had included side trim, front valance, and 19-inch rims. A Ford 3.2-litre inline six-cylinder system creating 230 hp try standard, with a six-speed automated transmission and all-wheel drive. In britain, the standard motor is the Ford 2.2-litre diesel. The TD4 form of the motor creates 150 hp and 160 hp, while the SD4 comes with 190 hp. Indoor appointments add an Alpine 440-watt 14-speaker surround sound audio and a 7-inch touch navigation display screen alternatives, although the newer versions is built with an Meridian sound system, which is sold with a surround sound 17-speaker program with Trifield technologies, producing 825 Watts. The Meridian system can also be built with subwoofers and Audyssey MultEQ audio tuning system. In addition a 5-inch colour display is standard also on more recent entry-level models. An optional cold climate bundle include heated front windscreen, heated front chairs with two home heating values and heated windscreen washers. The recommended illumination package includes bi-xenon headlights, transformative front-lighting, memory the motorist chair, along with exterior mirrors and strategy and puddle lights.
Freelander 2 TD4_e

The Freelander TD4_e services stop-start technology to boost gasoline economic climate and minimize carbon emissions. The machine cuts out of the system as soon as the car try fixed, natural are chosen in addition to clutch engaged; the engine restarts whenever clutch pedal was depressed. The machine include a heavy-duty starter motor which also will act as a generator to recoup energy through regenerative braking that is after that kept in capacitors to restart the engine lowering strain on the automobile's power and electrical system. The stop-start system became obtainable in spring 2009 on Freelander 2 TD4 models.
Freelander 2 eD4

For 2011 design seasons, a choice of two-wheel drive had been available. This version additionally shed landscapes Response and Hill Descent controls. For the 2014 model seasons, the Freelander gets a revised looks with a grill and new inside part.

The L-Series system commenced production in January 1995 and had been the initial Rover created and produced direct injections diesel for usage in Rover Cars applications and produced from the set up Rover MDi / Perkins Prima engine used in the Austin Montego, Austin Maestro, and Leyland Sherpa van marketed by 'Freight Rover' in the '80s, later on by LDV. The L series is incredibly versatile and contains become fitted in the land-rover Freelander, Rover 200 Mk3, Rover 400 Mk2, Rover 600, and European variations for the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. It was successfully tuned to make much higher power than standard. A development of this L series system featuring a contemporary common-rail gasoline injections program ended up being underway whenever MG-Rover stopped production, nevertheless the business's closure avoided it from being totally developed and released.

There are several types of this motor.

The foremost is a non intercooled, mechanically monitored gas shot program. This variation comes in Rover 200 and Rover 400 systems therefore the model designation leads to "D", i.e. SD, SLD etc., etc.

The second is intercooled and has an electronically monitored gas shot program. This variation comes in Rover 200, Rover 400 and Rover 600 designs. The model designation leads to "Di", in other words. SDi, SLDi etc., etc.

The very last & most latest engine was intercooled and also features a digitally controlled shot system which can be slightly heightened and brings additional torque however the exact same power result as prior intercooled designs. This is basically the variation that is used in Rover 25, Rover 45, MG ZR, and MG ZS.

All models utilize Bosch gasoline injections products of varied styles.

The system is incredibly green regarding their emissions. It really is quiet in operation because of its two-stage fuel injection & ECU controlling gasoline for most brands and timing for all of them. The system at this time satisfies ECD IIl derogated Diesel emissions legislation when installed with the right specified oxidation catalyst.

Detectors all over engine consistently give comments into the ECU with regards to injection timing, motor speeds, burden, gas and coolant temperatures, boost stress etcetera. to ensure that maximum flowing problems are maintained.

The essential engine try a regular 4-cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder run by a single overhead camshaft and hydraulic tappets.

The block consists of cast-iron with aluminum alloy head and sump. An Allied sign GT15 turbo charger equipment boosted atmosphere. A fully modulated, either air- or water-cooled exhaust fuel recirculation program are included into the intake/exhaust program.

All accessories are all driven down just one poly-vee-belt drive with autotensioner. Camshaft and shot pump drives become via two multi-toothed devices with either automatic or handbook tensioners.
Connected Development

The land-rover Td5 system, a 2.5-litre, 5-cylinder turbodiesel used in the advancement and Defender have equivalent bore/stroke proportions whilst the L-Series and used the same pistons, linking rods and crankshaft measurements. But the Td5 wasn't just a 5-cylinder L-Series. It made use of Lucas Electronic product shot, as opposed to the L-Series' direct injections program, also a through-flow cylinder mind and a rather various ancillary equipment layout. The Td5 have been developed by the Rover Group beneath the codename 'Project Storm', that was originally to build up an upgraded selection of turbodiesels to replace the L-Series, with 4-, 5- and 6-cylinder engines of 2-, 2.5- and 3-litres correspondingly. As soon as the Rover Group had been bought out by BMW, they brought their variety of diesels which rendered the 2-litre and 3-litre Storm engines unneeded. Only the Td5 entered production.

The L-series motor is availabable in many power specs:

84 bhp Turbo/Non-intercooled
104 bhp Turbo/intercooled
111 bhp Turbo/intercooled
99 bhp Turbo/intercooled
114 bhp Turbo/intercooled

Bore - 84.5 mm
Stroke - 88.9 mm
Displacement - 1994 cc
Firing order - 1-3-4-2
Compression ratio - 19.5:1
Boost pressure - 14 psi

Gasoline stress - 20,500 psi maxv

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