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FJ Holden workshop repair manual

The Holden FJ series is a range of engine cars that was yielded inside Australia by General Motors-Holden’s from 1953 with 1957.Holden FJ panel van inside authentic Royal Mail livery.The FJ, of monocoque construction, generally followed the silhouette of its

The Holden FJ series is a range of engine cars that was yielded inside Australia by General Motors-Holden’s from 1953 with 1957. The FJ was the next model of a "all Australian car" produced by Holden plus was based on the established 48-215 series, commonly called the “FX”. The sedan, inside Standard, Company plus Special trim degrees, along with a coupe utility were announced inside October 1953 plus were followed with a Panel van derivative inside December of which year. A wagon prototype was built nevertheless the bodystyle wasn't place into creation. In 1954, Holden's initially exports started with sales of the FJ inside New Zealand.
Holden FJ panel van inside authentic Royal Mail livery.

The FJ, of monocoque construction, generally followed the silhouette of its predecessor, yet showcased a bolder horizontal styled front grille, together with comfort plus design updates inside a modern sedan model called the 'Holden Special'.

Originally specified because 60 bhp attained at 3,800 rpm, the reported maximum energy output within the six-cylinder engine was improved with 65 bhp accomplished at 4,000 rpm.

In 1955 the vehicle underwent a light inside facelift for the Holden Special sedan, and a variation inside paint plus trim choices. The FJ series was slowly changed by models within the Holden FE series from July 1956 with May 1957 with a total of 169,969 examples yielded.

There are almost 20 particular FX-FJ Holden Car Clubs of Australia with members committed with keeping these iconic Holdens. These clubs organise a nationwide gathering for FX-FJ Holden fanatics each next year.

The Holden 48-215, sometimes known unofficially because the Holden FX is a mid-size, six-cylinder sedan that was yielded by the Australian automaker, General Motors–Holden's Ltd between November 1948 plus October 1953. The 48-215 was the initial model from General Motors–Holden's with bear the Holden name.

The shape was initially penned inside the United States by Chevrolet, yet wasn't selected considering it was considered too little for the U.S. marketplace because it developed following the war. Instead the shape became the basis of just the 48-215 model. Development of the 48-215 started inside 1944.

Three prototypes were built by hand inside 1946 by American plus Australian designers at the General Motors workshop inside Detroit. Months of toughness plus performance testing were undergone inside the US before the 3 prototypes were shipped with Australia. Prototype first was initially registered inside Victoria because JP-480 about February 12, 1947. The just survivor of the prototypes, it happens to be element of the National Museum of Australia collection.

A further 2 prototypes were integrated Australia; all five prototypes were registered because Chevrolets. Just 2 were chosen for photographic reasons. They were:

Prototype first, JP-480, dark colour—Seine Blue
A vehicle "…commonly thought with have been prototype amount four", KY-442, light colour—Convoy Grey

In the absence of a established supplier base inside Australia for auto-making, fresh forging facilities had with be set up for producing crankshafts along with a fresh foundry was set up for main castings. In purchase with hasten the project with manufacturing certain simplifications were included. There were no way indicators, there was clearly no provision for heating or demisting, at the back there was clearly just a single, centrally placed, tail lamp. Because of the light climate inside almost all of the populated regions of the nation, it was found potential with conserve fat plus expense by utilizing a comparatively tiny 6-volt 11-plate power. Interior trim was minimised: weight loss was pursued "with superb vigour" plus, inside see of the 2247 pound fat inside "running trim", a achievement.

Whenever all departments were happy with all the auto, amount creation began. The race was today about with guarantee Holden dealers in every states had vehicles about their showroom floors before unveiling day. Black bodies dominated the early roll-out however GMH created certain which every capital city furthermore received samples of lotion, blue, plus gray. Ultimately, 68 Holdens were distributed with the capital cities before unveiling day.

On Sunday, November 21, an Open Day was held with display the whole factory as well as the auto itself. However this specialized preview wasn't for the public or the dealers—it was for the Fishermen's Bend employees plus their families. There were partly assembled vehicles at numerous stages over the assembly line plus completed vehicles for the guests with examine.

The official release for Victorian dealers was held at the Oriental Hotel inside Melbourne about Friday, November 26.

The official unveiling by Prime Minister Ben Chifley commenced at 2:30pm about Monday, November 29, inside the Fishermen's Bend Social Hall. The 400 guests applauded whenever silver curtains parted with show a lotion Holden, inside a black velvet setting plus sparkling beneath spotlights, because an orchestra played Brahms' Waltz inside A-flat. The celebrations at the plant were attended by 1,200 official guests. The Holden was introduced for sale with the public at Port Melbourne, Victoria. The automobile was advertised merely because the Holden, without a model name. It had a 132.5 cu inside cast-iron straight six engine that yielded 60 hp, associated with a three-speed guide transmission. It managed the 0–60 mph sprint inside 18.7 or 27.7 seconds. Sources vary. It furthermore had a dust proof body, along with a little 37 ft turning round.

The 50-2106 coupe utility, based found on the 48-215 sedan, was introduced inside January 1951 plus inside July 1953 the "Holden Business" sedan, really the taxi adaptation of the 48-215, was put into the range. The 48-215 plus 50-2106 models were changed by the Holden FJ series inside 1953.

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